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Imagine all your blog posts living forever. Wouldn´t that be nice? You create one piece of amazing content and bring it to life as many times as needed to squeeze out all its potential.

Well, this is exactly what you should do. Stop having a hard time, trying to create content from scratch every single time.

Wrote a blog post the other day you´re really proud of? Why would you want to leave it veg out all alone somewhere in your blog archive? Reach out to it and reanimate it. It’s time isn’t up yet at all. Quite the contrary, it’s just started.

Reuse your content: be efficient and effective

Reusing your content saves you time, money and energy. The idea is to take an older piece of content and turn it into something new and amazing by repurposing it. It will help you to reach larger and various audiences without a great effort. Let´s have a look at some more benefits:

  • It boosts your SEO, whether you publish it onsite or on another platform. Optimize for the same keyword or link back to your piece of content and have the anchor text back up the keyword’s rank.
  • Sprinkle one piece of content all over the internet. By reimagining you can get one piece of content wherever your different audiences are. Might that be social networks, SlideShare, Scribd, YouTube, and so on.
  • Send an even stronger message. Using a variety of channels enables you to tailor your core message to a particular audience. You reach more people, you reinforce your message and you communicate in a more personal way.

Sounds good so far? Let´s see what it takes to get there.

1 piece of content = 10 piece of content

There are to approaches to get this content reanimation machine going.

1. You create a more comprehensive piece of content like an ebook, video series, case study collection or white paper and you turn it into smaller chunks of content:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Check lists
  • Quizzes
  • Top Ten Lists
  • Presentations on Slideshare
  • Enewsletters

2. You create smaller pieces of content as for instance blog posts and put them together to a bigger content package like an e


To get you started, it might be easier to go for the second approach. It is less intimidating to write a small blog post than a tome of an ebook. Also, it allows you to gauge what kind of content catches on with your content users, before investing your resources in something bigger.

No matter which approach you go for, your opportunities to reimagine your content are countless. Here are a few hints to kick-start your imagination on how to get the most out of one piece of content:

Reusing, reimagining and repurposing your content

Repurposing: multiply content, clients and income

1. Rerun your evergreen content: Scan through your older posts and you will come across some masterpieces that got a lot of attention, but deserve even more. Update them and promote them again.

2. Comments can become content: Pick an interesting comment from one of your platforms, flesh it out with pictures and statistics, do some research and turn it into a blog post.

3. Real life events are content events too: Whether you host or attend an event, you can use it to fuel your content production. Starting from videos, and blog posts till webinars and presentation–You can turn it into almost anything.

These are just a few examples to inspire you. There are no limits (but the sky) to reimagining your content.

Give it a try

Have you already been reimagining your content? What works best for you?

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