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By · 15 December, 2015

Let’s Love LinkedIn Marketing

Just hearing the name “LinkedIn” bores you to doze off? LinkedIn Marketing Tips? What?
Well, my friend, time to get excited about it. Yes, you heard that right. This is a wake up call.
Let me give you some facts that are definitely going to get you excited about LinkedIn:

The social network has reached more than 364 million members and it ranks highest for B2B lead generation value. Using LinkedIn for business also increases the potential to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Now, that was just a little foretaste of all the advantages you can extract from LinkedIn. Ready to get the whole list of awesome LinkedIn Marketing Tips?

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #1: Brush Up Your Profile

Use features like the cover photo and description to stand out of the—too often—quite boring crowd. Remember: Professional doesn’t have to be tedious.

Integrate your profile picture in your cover photo for instance. Or tell a gripping story in your description. Whatever you do, make sure it is something people will and want to remember. As the saying goes:

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

If you can come up with something that is eye-catching as well as self-explanatory so that the user immediately understands the business she or he is looking at, congratulations! You’ve done a great job; just as Accenture for instance:

Accenture Cover Photo

They use abstract photos to transmit messages about the company. It only takes them five words—placed at the top right corner—to explain their whole business. Well done!

There a few other aspects you should be considering when optimizing your LinkedIn profile: It helps to include links to your website, blog, product and service pages as well as your portfolio in order to drive traffic to your pages.
A must when creating your powerful profile: Personalize your bio.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #2: Grow Your Own Group

LinkedIn’s groups are a great place to exchange information, participate in discussions and drive brand engagement. So why not create your own group and be in control of its evolution and results?
You can ask questions, give answers, create a place where people learn from each other and demonstrate your knowledge, experience and expertise.

It will help you to connect with targeted business professionals, decision-makers and to proof the value of your business. Running a successful group that offers value to its members bolsters your authority, your connection’s trust in you and expands your exposure.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #3: Consider LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Kristina Jaramillo, founder of GetLinkedInHelp.com recommends investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which facilitates the tasks of identifying your buyers and researching your prospects. This LinkedIn tool also helps you to effectively engage with decision-makers. Needless to say that this is a crucial point, since you need to talk to the right people in order for them being able to make the right decisions and take the right actions.

Furthermore, the Sales Navigator keeps you updated on news about the companies you are connected to. Use this information and adapt your LinkedIn activities the most adequate way. In an article published by the Social Media Examiner Jaramillo illustrates an example about a client who turned a major airline’s IT outage into his advantage by engaging in sales conversations related to the topic.
The client participated in discussions with tech leaders interested in a new approach and avant-guard technology that would avoid critical incidents like these.

Be the solution to your follower’s problems at the right spot and the right time and they’ll thank you for it!

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #4: Connect with LinkedIn Connected

First things first: When building new connections never send default messages but rather click “Customize Invite” in order to give it a more personal touch and thereby achieve better results.

Another top tip provided in the same article from Social Media Examiner is to download LinkedIn Connected for your mobile device. Interacting and networking should be part of your daily agenda. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend hours carrying out the task. This tool helps you to get the job done in between.

It enables you to keep in touch with your existing connections. If you want to stay in the loop about the activities of your connections and followers, just click on the gray head and shoulder image that appears on the top right of the user’s update, click on the star and LinkedIn will keep you on top of things.

LinkedIn Connected is a great way to maintain good relationships with your prospects in a very easy and effective way.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #5: SEO Fine-Tuning

Don’t forget to include SEO in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Make sure to follow these steps:

  • 1. Include your most relevant keywords at the very beginning of your page description.
  • 2. Write an original sentence (150-160 characters) about your company including these important keywords.
  • 3. Add a longer version of your company description and include variations of the main keywords.
  • 4. Keep in mind that Google seems to pay quite some attention to the Specialties section of company pages. Therefore, you should use the 256 characters and the various fields as your benefit and fill them with your primary and secondary target keywords.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #6: Dux-Soup Keeps You on Track

Having a hard time keeping track of the profiles you visit? Does it feel like you are loosing time? Dux-Soup is your solution.
Install the Google Chrome add-on and it will automatically do the work for you. It takes just one click to export a .CVS file that collects all the info about the profiles you’ve visited—starting from the person’s name and job title to company name, etc.

You might want to spend 15.00 $ for Dux-Soup’s premium version and its special features.
CAUTION: John Nemo, the author of LinkedIn Riches, doesn’t recommend to use its auto- or mass-visiting function though, since instead of inspiring confidence it can be seen as violating the network’s Terms of Services.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #7: Must Have: Company Page Notification Center

So many questions, so little time to find answers. BUT the Company Page Notification Center helps you finding them quicker.

Company Page Notification Center

Get to know which content performs best, manage your company page easier, get detailed insights into your activities and their performances on LinkedIn and consequently develop and execute an optimized LinkedIn marketing strategy that builds connections and boosts engagement.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #8: Publish on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

It seems like it can’t be said often enough: Offering value through the content you share with your audience is the heart of your content marketing strategy.

Once you have created the content of great value, you want to get it out there. LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform can help you to multiply your reach. The posts you publish appear on the upper part of your profile, which results in a very professional and trustworthy first impression when someone visits your profile.

How does the platform work? Let me guide you through step by step:

  1. We start on the LinkedIn homepage
  2. Find the pencil icon at the top
  3. Clicking on it makes the publishing editor pop up
  4. Type/paste your text into the field and format it the way you want it
  5. Finish each post with a bio that includes one or two sentences about your company, links to its website and/or blog and maybe even a CTA

Once you’ve created your post on the platform, not only share it with your LinkedIn audience, but use your other communication channels as well. Do not, however, favor the publishing platform over your own blog, which forms the hub of your content marketing strategy. Publish the kick-ass content you create first on your blog and then hit LinkedIn’s platform.
Don’t forget to respond to comments. Remember: Interaction is the essence of social media.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #8: Find Your Ideal Customer

LinkedIn is the one and only tool available online for free that gives you access to a very valuable database—the one of your target decision-makers.

Using the advanced search function you can look for prospects typing in keywords in order to target your search.
Linkedin Advanced Search Function

This feature helps you to reach your goal of finding the people who are most likely to do business with you.
Jeff Bullas recommends to apply the Boolean search technology, if you are looking for highly targeted results. Don’t panic—it is easier as it sounds. Just add “AND”, “OR” and “NOT” to the keywords you are searching for.
Let’s assume you are looking for creative agencies. Your search could look like this:

  • “creative agency” and “digital agency”: The list that appears will include agencies that are creative and digital.
  • “creative agency” or “marketing agency”: Your list will include agencies that are either creative or do marketing.
  • “creative agency” NOT “advertising agency”: Your list will include only agencies that are creative but don’t do advertising.

Since you are allowed to only save three search results, you should choose your keywords wisely. When you have saved your results, you’ll get informed on a weekly basis about new members that fulfill the characteristics you determined. Also member’s updates will appear in your weekly reports.

To sum it up: LinkedIn’s advanced search function keeps you updated about possibilities to build new connections and to find prospects without a great effort.

Now that you collected these top LinkedIn marketing tips, why don’t you go ahead and breathe new life into LinkedIn’s world.
What are your favorite LinkedIn marketing tips? Which ones have worked best for you? Or which ones would you rather not recommend? Let us know everything about it in the comments below!

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