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By · 8 December, 2015

Do you like browsing the boards of Pinterest? You enjoy looking at interior designs, DIY instructions, photographies and art projects? Yes, a lot of us do.

Pinterest’s potential, however, is a lot bigger than that.
Ever thought about using it to promote your business? To build more and stronger connections? To engage people with your brand?
Time to do so. And while you’re at it, why not doing it the most efficient way right from the start?

You are going to love the benefits of it. There’s a lot Pinterest can do for you. As for instance drive more referral traffic to your website than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Also Pinterest’s users should be on your radar: There are 70 million of them—and most of them are bloggers, brands and businesses. Why not go ahead and turn this potential audience into your followers and brand enthusiasts?
Try these killer Pinterest Marketing Tips—most of them are taken from the Social Media Examiner and Buffer Blog and see how they help to grow your business.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #1: Pinterest Is Not an Island

All of the communication channels and social media networks you’ve included in your digital marketing strategy have to work together. Isolating the various channels from each other will make your strategy go down the tubes.
So here’s what you should do:

  • Let your Twitter followers know about your Pinterest activities and tweet about it two or three times a week.
  • Don’t make it a secret on Facebook either. Remind your Facebook community about once a week or once every second week.
  • Your newsletter is part of the game as well. Send an email in which you include a Pinterest widget or a screenshot of your pin that is clickable and leads to the pin on your board. That way you’ll turn your subscribers into your Pinterest followers as well.
  • Connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook account. Use the free Pinterest app to do that.
  • And, of course, have your website feature your Pinterest profile, display “follow us” and “pin it” buttons.

These are great ways to promote your Pinterest account and grow your audience for free.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #2: Nurture Your Blog – The Heart of Your Content Marketing

As already mentioned above, Pinterest works great to drive traffic to your website and therefore also to your blog. Create a board dedicated to your blog. That way, your followers will have a structured and organized place where they can find all of your blog posts.

Keep in mind that the name of your board should include your most relevant keywords in order to make search engines love it.
So every time you churn out one of your fabulous posts, publish it and pin it on your board. Give your Pinterest followers a quick recap of what they can expect from the article, add a high quality image and include a link to your blog post. All set to receive tons of visitors from Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #3: Make Google+ and Pinterest Work Together for Your Blog

It proves true once again: Executing your digital marketing strategy is not a one man show. You want to have a killer blog? Write killer articles. You want as many people as possible to read them? Share your posts everywhere and cross-promote your content.
Here is how it works:

  1. Hit “publish” in your CMS.
  2. Choose an appealing image from you post and pin it on your board.
  3. Copy the URL of your pin.
  4. Post it on your Google+ page including the image you chose.
  5. Paste a link to your blog post and a “pin it for later” link in your Google+ post.

Not everybody has the time to read everything they are interested in at any moment. So make it easy for your readers to bookmark your posts in order to read them whenever it best suits them.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #4: Promote Your Website and Blog With Rich Pins

Are you wondering right now what rich pins are? Let me break it down for you:

Rich Pins are comparable to Twitter Cards or Facebook open graphs. These pins are more detailed and provide more information about the pins themselves. There are five different types of rich pins depending on the topic you are pinning about. All of them include different kind of information:

  1. Article pins: headline, authors, story description, link
  1. Product pins: real-time pricing, availability, location
  2. Recipe pins: ingredients, cooking time, serving recommendation
  3. Movie pins: rating, cast member, review
  4. Place pins: address, phone number, map

In order to make use of rich pins you have to get your website validated. Kevan Lee describes this process step by step in his post on Buffer Blog:

  1. Paste Pinterest Code to your blog:
    If you are using WordPress for you blog, download the Yoast SEO plugin, which features a field to paste the Pinterest meta tag.
  2. Validate your site at Pinterest:
    This link takes you to Pinterest’s validation tool.
  3. Apply for rich pins:
    Once you landed on the validation tool, request the rich pins for your website.
  4. Confirmation email:
    If your request got confirmed, you’ll get an email from Pinterest with the notification about the successful validation of your rich pins.

Why all the hassle? Kevan Lee states that they observed how the number of clicks doubled. Furthermore, the traffic to their website increased significantly.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #5: Find Groups to Grow

Look for group boards that have a desirable number of followers and connect with them. What’s in there for you?
You’ll expand your reach and thereby get more followers and consequently more engagement; that means: more repins and more traffic to your website and blog.

The easiest way to find group boards? Have you heard about PinGroupie? PinGroupie is a great tool that turns finding targeted group boards into a piece of cake. Just go to there homepage and fill in the search fields.

Pinterest Tool: PinGroupie

Pinterest Marketing Tip #6: Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Knowing what your competitors is up to comes in handy—always. Knowing who is following them can be just as beneficial. Think about it:
The Pinterest users that pin content from your competitor’s blog or website are people interested in your industry. That means they are also interested in your content and what you have to offer. So your goal should be to get them to pin content from your website as well.

There is an easy way to achieve that goal. Lucky us apps have been invented!
Pinalerts is a smooth app that enables you to keep track of your competitors and their followers. It sends out notifications whenever an item from a domain you specified is pinned. Moreover, you are able to see the following information about each pinner: number of pins, boards and followers.

If you come across a person that seems quite active in terms of pinning your competitors’ content, don’t hesitate and follow her or him. Chances are that she or he will follow you back and be just as busy pinning your content.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #7: Inspire Shopping, ‘Cause Shopping Inspires

If your business is about selling products, you should include price tags when showcasing them on Pinterest. The article mentioned above that appeared on the Social Media Examiner claims that pins including price tags earn 36% more likes than pins without a price added to them.

Make sure you tab Pinterest’s potential of leading traffic to your website and encouraging a purchase.
Be careful though not to become to salesy. You always want to offer value, utility, creativity and product information.
Now that we’ve looked at what to do on Pinterest, let’s have a peek at

What Not To Do:

Kevan Lee recommends NOT to:

  • Use hashtags
  • Publish promotional information like: “Pay one, get two.”
  • Add salesy CTA. For example: “Call today.” “Buy now.”
  • Use references to Pinterest’s functionality as for instance: “Click here to post your comment.”

What do you recommend to do and not to do in order to boost your business with Pinterest? I would love you to tell us about it in the comments below.

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