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Want e-newsletters that people are actually waiting for to appear in their inbox? Read this recap of SumoMe’s Workshop on Copywriting for e-newsletters.

SumoMe Kopywriting Workshop – E-Newsletter

Do you send out your e-newsletter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Have you tried tons of different tips and tricks but your opening and sales rates just can’t seem to get off the floor?

Glad you came by, because we are gonna solve your problem. How? Neville Medhora just shared is magical formula of great email copywriting in an online workshop organized by SumoMe. Missed it? No worries! I’m gonna sum up the helpful techniques presented.

How can I be sure that his methods actually work? Once Neville started applying them, his sale rate jumped from 2 sales up to 120 sales in the first two hours. Read the article and watch your sale rate skyrocket as well.

The difference between a newsletter and a newsletter

How bad (and most) e-newsletters look like:

Flashy newsletters with a piled-on design, tons of information, CTAs and promotions have a low engagement rate. Their click rate might be quite high, but the rate you should want to climb up is your buy rate.

Since people don’t like to get lumped in with promotions, it doesn’t take them long to unsubscribe.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you should change the concept and strategy of your newsletter.

You might happen to work in one of the big companies where big bosses make big decisions. They usually tell you how to do things, so you are not free to simply change your newsletter to a much more personal style.

Here is what you should try: Convince your boss to run a test sending the personal-style mail to a small percentage of your email list and let the results of the trial do the rest. Now that you have overcome the first hurdle, let’s take on the next one.

How do you get people to stick to your newsletter? Or even better: How do you make them actually look forward to your newsletter?

How your e-newsletter should look like

The first thing you have to start doing is: Think of your subscribers as your friends. Why? ‘Cause they’ll start loving you for doing so. Make them feel as if they were hearing from a friend when reading your newsletter.

Create personal looking, plain-text mails and let your personality shine through. Combine great content with storytelling and your readers are gonna eat out of the palm of your hand. Add a P.S. note and tell them to respond to your email. Ask them about their opinions on the topic, their favorite products, etc. – anything related to the topic of your email.

Once you do all that, this is what you’ll get:

  • Good click rates
  • Very high engagement
  • People hanging on to every word
  • People interacting and whitelisting your emails

Keep in mind:

You know these showoffs who keep on talking about how great they are and how many miracles they have already performed. Yeah, exactly – the ones that laugh the loudest at their own jokes. You don’t wanna be that guy.

You wanna be the one that people are looking forward to meet because they already know that they are gonna have a good time chatting away. You wanna be the guy that people actually like listening to.

How can you become that guy? Give your listeners something they can benefit from. Personalize your emails. Use plain-text mails without frills and show your subscribers all the ways they can use what you are offering.

The formula that helps you structure your emails

Getting rid of all the unnecessary distractions might not be a great challenge. Guiding your readers all the way through your newsletter without them getting lost or tossing the whole thing in the recycle bin could be slightly more difficult.

Luckily, with Neville’s magical formula, it isn’t. So this is something you should keep in mind – always and forever. Neville even recommends getting it tattooed. I’m gonna leave that up to you. Here goes THE formula of great copywriting:


  • ATTENTION: attract their attention
  • INTEREST: get them interested with facts, uses and stats
  • DESIRE: make them want to have it
  • ACTION: tell them what you want them to do

I’m gonna stick to the example Neville gave in order to illustrate the formula. Let’s say the goal we have assigned to our newsletter is to make our subscribers drink more water. Since we’ve done our homework, we have a pretty good idea of who our subscribers are. In our example they are crazy about workout.

First of all, let’s grab their attention (remember: A I D A – the tattoo is still an option 😉 ). That could go something like this:

“Hey Tom, do you work out? I’m sure you’ve seen those muscleheads with their large jugs of water at the gym.”

What we did here is: We set a context, gave Tom an idea of what our newsletter is about and made him relate to and identify with it. Simply put: We got his attention.

Taking the next step means to fight for his interest. Since we’ve done our research, we can present all the amazing effects that drinking water before and during our workout has on our body. Tom spends quite some time keeping his body in shape, so he is definitely interested in how to get ideal results from his time and energy invested.

Once we got his interest, we want him to desire the jug of water so we back up our research with some solid figures and let him know that he is gonna enjoy 30% more muscle gains, if he drinks a bottle of water before or during his work out.

While we remind Tom of the one action he needs to take in order to get the most out of his exercise, he is probably already on his way to get some water. Action taken!

Sounds pretty easy, right? Try it the next time you draw up your newsletter and you’ll notice: it is.

How to come up with new topics

What if you don’t want to write about drinking water? What if you feel like you’ve already written about every topic relevant to your industry and your subscribers? If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you haven’t. I also know, however, that it can be quite hard to constantly come up with new topics.

Here’s what Neville recommends to churn out new ideas permanently:

  • Create an ideas file!
  • Get some help from Google:
  • Search Google for the topic you want to write about. At the bottom of the search results, you’ll find the section “searches related to your topic”. Copy and paste the list into your ideas file. Go on and click on one of the topics suggested. Repeat the process: Scroll all the way down to the related topics, copy, paste and click on one of them. This is an easy way to get a lot of ideas in no time at all.
  • Use Social Methods:
  • Have you ever tried to search for topics on Do so and figure out which titles are getting the best engagement.
  • Other tools you can use to find topics with the best interaction and engagement rates are buzzsumo and reddit.

Go ahead and keep those killer ideas coming!

The formula to create content your subscribers will love

At this point, we have overcome almost all of the challenges. But are people already looking forward to the arrival of your newsletter in their inbox? With the following formula they will be:


Let’s take a closer look at this. The word life stands for concepts that happen in life, for instance making a living, love, kids, training, friends, jealousy, tragedy, hilarious stories, life changing events, etc.

Subject refers to the topic you want to inform your subscribers about.

So in your email you should combine these two aspects and your subscribers are not only gonna get benefit out of your newsletter but they are actually gonna enjoy reading it.

If you have no clue how you could possibly combine the two aspects, don’t panic. Neville gave examples to make things easier. You could write about “How I make 40.000 $ a month just through emails”. In this case you combined the aspect of life “making a living” with your topic “emails”.

Another option he mentioned is “watching your children using their phone and talking about the future of emailing”.

This is an awesome way to make great content interesting and fun to read and in the long run engage your subscribers. Try it and boost your opening and sales rates just like Neville did.

I hope you found the information as helpful as I did. If you are interested in more tips regarding newsletters check out these 10 Steps to Having a Succesful E-Newsletter.

How do you handle your newsletters? Do you go with the personalized version? What has worked well for you? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

(Pssst… Here is a reading tip from Neville which I definitely want to share with you: Gary Halbert Letters – The Boron Letters, Chapters 1-25)

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