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I loved Instagram right from the start. It’s a beautiful, visual network and I keep catching myself at drifting away browsing through the more than 70 million colorful impressions. When I found out what it can do for brands, I fell in love head over heels.
Being beautiful is not its only purpose. Did you know that you can and should use it for your business? Try these amazing Instagram Marketing Tips and it’s going to work to your great advantage.

Just to give you an idea of why it could benefit your business: Instagram has more than 300 million users, which is more than the oldie Twitter can claim. Also, the Instagramers are quite active with 2.5 million daily likes.
So what are you waiting for?

Meet your potential clients on Instagram. Build connections with them and get to know how they really tick, what they are interested in and what their needs and desires are.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Insta-Tip # 1: Use realizable hashtags to build communities:

One of your main goals on social media is to engage your audience with your brand, right? If it isn’t yet, it should be! How do you get your followers to engage with your brand? You have to create opportunities that encourage them to interact.

A very successful example is Nike’s #betterforit hashtag that already reached 107.717 posts. It is also one of my favorites. You can find the hashtag combined with pictures of powerful women and motivational quotes that push you to keep going forward.
Nike’s campaign was designed with the goal to get people to download the new app. It is also in line with the brand’s sporty, strong and dynamic image.

Nike's #betterforit hashtag Instagram Post

This strategy, however, does not only work for the big brands. If you have a small business, you should try it as well. People love to interact and be creative. Give them the opportunity to do what they like.

Insta-Tip # 2: Create your brand’s hashtag

Play with your brand’s name and create hashtags combining it with different topics depending on the content of your post. In order to illustrate it, I’ll show you an example of how the #GradiCrew or the #Gradiwebsters have applied this strategy:
#GradiLife showing brand's personality

Gradiweb Brand Personality

Another option is to create unique tags for special marketing campaigns you launch. Are you thinking about running a photo contest on Instagram? How about a flash mob? Casting or hiring and looking for the best and most suitable person out there? Use Instagram, create a special hashtag and promote your campaign or purpose. That way, you’ll make it a lot easier for your followers to connect with your brand, the campaign and other participants, which in the case of a contest pose their competition.

I’ll give you a few cool examples of brand’s that did a brilliant job at this:

With 147.353 publications, Marc Jacobs reached a huge audience with its hashtag #CastMeMarc. The brand was looking for the new face of the upcoming campaign and simply went through with the casting on Instagram. Creative, efficient, awesome – both the campaign as well as its participants. But hey, see for yourself:

Mark Jacobs Instagram Marketing Campaign

One of my favorite contests is the one Starbucks ran. The idea is great and I’d have even loved to participate myself.

Laying a marker against the pollution of the environment, the coffee company called up its fans to design the next limited edition of reusable cups. It only took three weeks to receive more than 4.000 submissions. This is how the #WhiteCupContest turned out:

Starbucks #WhiteCupContest

Everybody doing marketing on social media wants to grow their audience, I think we can agree on that. Using general and trending hashtags is not only an Instagram marketing tip, but one you can apply to all social networks (although with slight differences).
You can multiply your audience many times over using general and trending hashtags. Ready to get famous? You better be!

Insta-Tip # 4: Act on your brand’s values and support a good cause

Social responsibility is very relevant to consumers and above all to millenials. What does this mean for your business? Studies show that 90% of Americans choose brands that support social causes over others.

So you just go ahead, support any cause through any possible measure? No. You have to be careful, since social responsibility shown by companies can have the contrary effect, when its efforts aren’t aligned with the brand’s values. Don’t just use social responsibility in order to get more customers, actually be socially responsible.

A social cause that a lot of brand’s join is raising breast cancer awareness. Ralph Lauren is one of the names mentioned quite often in this context:

Ralph Lauren Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Insta-Tip # 5: Be aware of what your followers like and adapt

Posting visual content that your followers like is obvious. But what if the content they like has nothing to do with your services? Be creative and find a way to combine your industry and the services you offer with the content your fans are interested in.

How does that work? Let’s say you sell vacuum cleaners. Your followers like interior furnishings and home decoration. Why not post a picture of a beautifully arranged living room saying: “Want your living room to look like this? Our brand new #Bosch KM91 Extreme Power Vacuum Cleaner is your right hand at the task. Get in touch with us today and get 20% off.

Instagram Marketing Tips Roundup:

  • Don’t overdo it, you’ll bore your followers.
  • Connect your Facebook page with your Instagram page.
  • Spread the news about your Instagram page through all channels (you can even put it in the signature of your email).
  • Have all the team members use the company’s hashtag.
  • Show the personal side of your brand and post fun photos of parties with the team, the company’s daily life, etc.
  • Instagram has functions that benefit you. Use them: edit your pictures and stay on top of your stats.
  • As in all of the social networks: INTERACT with your audience! @mention your followers but also industry leaders or related celebrities.
  • You can also launch a product live on Instagram. Post pre- and post-launch pictures or videos and give insights behind the scene.

With all that in mind: Go ahead and rock the Instagram world.

Do you have any other Instagram Marketing Tips? What are your favorite posts? What works the best for you? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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