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The Twitter world is a fast-paced one. You really have to make an effort to get noticed. You can easily get lost or drown in the massive amount of approximately 58 million tweets per day. If you want to get noticed and be visible, you have to work hard.

But what is it exactly that you have to do? In the following post I brought together the cream of the crop Twitter marketing tips coming from Cindy King, Beth Gladstone and Kevan Lee.

Don’t just tweet around here and there. Make Twitter work for you and your business. Use it to attract new prospects, build connections, gain their trust, bond and, down the road, sell. How? Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this question:


1. It’s not about you and it’s not about selling

So what is it about then? Value! Create, curate and share valuable content your users and followers can benefit from. Talking about you and your company too much won’t take you anywhere. It’s not what people are most interested in. They want to grow and achieve and therefore need information that helps them along the way.

Also the times of using your communication channels to hawk your products and services like at the fish market are over. Dial it down a notch with the selling and make it about great, helpful and relevant content.

2. The Golden Thread

Be strategic about the topics you tweet about. Make sure they are in line with the interests and needs of your followers. Now, don’t get this wrong: The more you vary topics and content types, the more entertaining it is. All of your Twitter actions should, however, follow a golden thread that creates a consistent image.

3. Boost your tweets with visual content

What holds true for Facebook also holds true here: Pictures and videos boost engagement. Media Blog analyzed millions of Tweets and found out that Tweets including pictures are retweeted 35% more often than those with plain text.


According to the outcome of their analysis also tweets including videos, quotes, numbers and hashtags get a boost in retweets.

Keep in mind though that in order to use the Twitter’s Image Expand feature and to post animated GIFs you have to tweet directly via the Twitter app or the website. It won’t work using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer for instance.

4. Handling helpful hashtags

If hashtags are important using Facebook, they are even more so on Twitter. Don’t go overboard with it though. Too many hashtags make a confusing and spammy impression.

Apply your hashtags wisely and use them to generate and curate conversations around your brand. Besides, they serve as a handy tool to add a little structure to the rampant Tweet-mass.

5. Engage your followers


You want to enter into a dialogue with your followers. You want to inspire interaction. Draw up a campaign that includes the action of your followers. Let’s say you sell soft drinks. Create a contest and encourage your fans to discover their creative vein. Have them take pictures or short video clips in which they put your soft drink in the limelight.

The followers tweet their creations and tag your brand in the tweet. Let your users vote for the best idea and award the winner. Be creative. You can even turn the award ceremony into a promotional video. Be different. Be original. Be awesome.


Trying to figure out what your clients really want? Why don’t you just ask them? Tweeting questions on Twitter is a great way to get to know your clients better and to establish a confidential connection with them.

Ask them about their opinion, invite them to talk about their experiences and make them feel heard.

6. Be an open book

Let your users have a peek at the company’s daily life. Showing them what the company is up to, sharing some details about your team, publishing interviews, etc. puts emphasis on the personal side of your company and makes your followers feel that they are actually interacting with human beings.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t try to cover up obvious mistakes you committed or things that didn’t go the way you planned them to. Be honest and admit false steps. In the end, it will contribute to a trustworthy image of your brand.


7. Connect and interact with the right people

Use tools like Wefollow to find the right people to connect with. Wefollow allows you to search for users by typing in keywords, so it finds people that are interested in what you have to offer.

Once you have the right audience, keep in mind that there is a difference between talking to and interacting with your followers. Thank people for sharing your content and mentioning you, comment on their tweets, engage in conversations, follow people back and help them out.

By providing them with helpful information you prove that you are an expert in your industry, you build trust and you stay on top of your follower’s mind.

The Twitter Analytics feature makes it possible to measure engagement without having to leave the Twitter site. In order to use its service you only have to sign up for Twitter ads, which is free as long as you don’t purchase any ads.

Twitter Analytics allows you to revise the engagement of your organic tweets (clicks, impressions, retweets, favorites, etc.). It also shows you how much traffic ends up at your site via Twitter and measures the Tweet Button’s effectiveness. By taking into account the analysis, you can adapt your Tweets to what works best in terms of tone, time and type of content.

8. List building

List building helps you to add some structure to your followers taking into account their different interests, locations, positions, etc.

You can either set your lists to private or public, depending on the kind of list you’ve created. If you want to monitor your competition you should set the list to private. Setting your list of brand fans to public helps you to position yourself as an authority in the field and attracts people to your profile.

Invite people in a private message to join your list and notify users that they have been added to your list. They might get back to you to thank you for sharing relevant information with them.

9. Formula of interaction: Retweet, favorite and comment

Favorite and retweet content from others to create connections with them. If you want to tweet about something they talked about on their blog or social networks, wrap it up in an @message and link to a post you have written talking about the same topic. Consequently, your tweet has a wider reach and therefore results in higher engagement.

Attention: When you send @messages and put the user you send the message to at the beginning of the tweet, be aware of the fact that the only ones who will see the tweet are the followers you have in common.

In order to avoid this don’t position the @username right at the beginning of your Tweet.

Retweeting, favoring and commenting will raise your visibility and get you recognized in your industry.

Side Note:

The best way to retweet is to copy the original Tweet and add the letters RT for retweet at the beginning. If you modify the original Tweet put MT instead.


10. Search features

Tools like Hootsuite offer useful search features to stay up to speed on conversations about topics related to your industry. If someone poses a question or asks for a solution to a problem, take the chance.

Search for relevant hashtags and keywords (for instance: “how do I…”. Fill in the blank with a keyword of your industry). Provide answers and solutions.

Be the helping hand to rely on.

11. Track Twitter activity

Hootsuite’s dashboard is also great in helping you to curate and share valuable content. It tracks your follower’s Twitter activity and can be filtered by keyword search easily.

12. Meet your followers

Followerwonk searches for Twitter bios, compares Twitter users and analyzes your followers.

Demographics Pro for Twitter creates a detailed profile about your followers (location, sex, income, etc.)

13. Manage multiple Twitter profiles

Tweetdeck enables you to control all of your Twitter activities on various profiles from one spot.


  • As applies to all of the social networks: Use shortened links. Bitly helps you with that.
  • Be consistent and post regularly. If you can’t make it every day, that’s fine. The quantity depends on your purpose as well as on your available resources. If you decide to post at least once a day, you should stick to it though.
  • Use tools like Buffer to schedule your Tweets various times a day. This makes sense because a lot of your followers miss your posts as they aren’t surveiling their newsfeed twenty-four-seven. Also it ensures you don’t miss out on any time zone around the globe.
  • Don’t forget to post links to your website and blog to increase traffic.

If you feel like there need to be some more tips added to the list, please let us know about it in the comments below. We are curious to hear about your Twitter marketing strategy and the experience you’ve made using the network for your business.

PS: Using Facebook for your company too? Don’t forget to take a look at our Kick-Ass Facebook Marketing Tips.

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