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Can You Rock the Facebook World in 2016? Damn Yes, You Can!
Everybody has it. Everybody does it. The only difference: Some do it better. Wondering how? Don’t worry, these 10 kick-ass Facebook marketing tips will take you right there.

With 1.39 billion monthly active users Facebook poses a marketing opportunity your brand really shouldn’t miss. It is, however, not enough to create your company’s Facebook page, post content every once in a while and wait for likes, comments and shares to roll in.

Consider the following tips and adapt your Facebook marketing strategy and tap the full potential of your brand’s Facebook page.


Videos are definitely a MUST! According to the outcome of Socialbaker’s analysis, “Facebook video posts have completely overtaken YouTube video posts. Marketers are now turning to Facebook video first – and the trend seems to be picking up speed.“ In terms of videos for marketing purposes, Facebook has become the most effective network to engage users.

Jump on the bandwagon and create videos, tell entertaining and short stories, present new products and make your business grow. There are a bunch of useful apps that can help you creating and spreading your video.

Here is a great example for brands that are doing it the right way:

As you see, you don´t need to become the new Hitchcock in order to connect with your Facebook fans via videos. Be creative, give it a try and see how it works for you.


Facebook is testing a Buy button in some regions in order to make it even easier to purchase products and services online. The date of its kick off is still unknown. It is assumed that the button will result in higher sales for businesses, since it attracts spontaneous byers.

All it takes is a single click and the users can purchase services directly via Facebook. Let your creativity soar and customize the button so it fits your business. Does your company offer event planning? Try a “Plan it” button. Are you launching a healthy soft drink? How about a “Taste it” button? Does your business focus on tourism? A “Book it” button might just be what you were looking for.

Whatever branch your business belongs to, there are a lot of ways to pimp your Facebook “Buy” button and get the most out of it.


Pictures work. In a 2014 study 75 percent of 1.2 million Facebook posts were pictures. Plain text status updates often get lost in the colorful shuffle of pictures posted by friends, family and brands. That’s the reason why posting unique and eye-catching images that show people or products is crucial, if you want to get noticed.

Don´t forget to take into account the context though. As just mentioned, the news feed of your Facebook fans is populated with content their friends and family post. What does that mean for you? Adapt to the casual content and post fun, interesting and rather light fare pictures.

Canva and PicMonkey are nice editing tools that you might want to use, when creating your images that make you stand out of the crowd. Wondering what kind of pictures you could post? Promote a blog post or a special offer, join the meme craze (try Quick Meme or Meme Better) and/or post screen shots of interesting content you think is worth sharing.


Since photos deserve special attention, let’s stick to the topic for a little longer. By updating your cover photo you can advertise new offers as well as special deals and thereby make your fans clap their eyes on your page.

Also you communicate that you are creative and you make an effort to stay in the loop as well as to add zest to your Facebook activities. The originality starts with the occasion to change your cover photo. Update your photo with the seasons, advertise trends or sales, make your followers download an app, state a resonating call to action, etc.

A company that promotes their special deals and new products in a creative way—and in general engages its fans in creative ways; give it up for Lomography:

Lomography Promotes Product: Tungsten Film

Hungry for more mind-boggling ideas on how and when to update your cover photo? You should definitely check out this post from the Social Media Examiner: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/25-facebook-cover-photo-examples/.

I´m going to serve you a little foretaste of the Cover Photo Best Practices that Jim Belosic describes in this post:

  • As with all your marketing activities, always keep in mind the benefit your users get out of becoming a fan of your brand.
  • In keeping with the motto “frequently and regularly”, change your cover photo ideally once a month.
  • Don’t just update your cover photo, but also add a photo description, links and a call to action.
  • In order to lead your users to like your page or download an app or content you provide, use arrows or other elements the like.
  • When designing your cover photo, integrate the profile picture in the image.
  • Keep the optimal dimensions of a cover photo in mind: 851 x 315 pixels.


Still not done with the picture-talk. When promoting a blog post, article or piece of content the like, try the following: Instead of posting the auto generated link that appears with a small image, upload a bigger picture and add a short and clean bitly URL. It will help you drive more traffic to your blog posts. Trust me, it works.

Have a look at Hershey’s Facebook page and get inspired.

In order to add the final touch captivate your customers’ creativity and ask them to for a caption to the photo you posted. Drive your interaction and engagement in a fun way.


Hosting a contest is a fabulous way to engage with your existing as well as prospective users. Curious how it works? Let me show you the main advantages of running a contest:

  • A contest can help you get to know your customers better and therefore meet their future needs.
  • A contest is an opportunity to connect with your customer’s Facebook friends. How? Give your existing customers a little incentive: Choose an app provider that offers a feature, which doubles the chances to win for those who share the entry form.
  • A contest also gives you the chance to reveal your company’s personality. This is a very fundamental aspect, since it is why social media became so popular—also for businesses—in the first place.
  • A contest provides the opportunity to get in touch with your customers via a more personal, fun way compared to a newsletter for instance.
  • Make sure to share the information about the contest everywhere: bottom of email newsletter, link to app on website, tweet link, etc.
  • Make sure the contest app has a responsive web design so that it is also accessible via mobile devices.

Qwertee accepted the challenge and runs very successful contests that go beyond its goal:

Successful Example for Running Contests: Qwertee


Let your fans take over and post content they created. That way you show them that you actually care and appreciate them. Furthermore, it strengthens the connection between your fans and your brand.

Haven´t tried that one yet? Well, what are you waiting for? You will be surprised about the exceptional and creative posts your fans will come up with. No fan-made content on the horizon? Try DeviantArt and browse through the user generated masterpieces.

If you still haven’t hit paydirt, go ahead and try this one: Just ask your fans for their content, lean back and simply be amazed. Here´s how this turned out for Hostelworld.com:

Hostelworld Fan Generated Content


Post a status update, add an eye-catching image and leave a blank in the text for your users to fill in. It attracts attention and boosts your fans’ engagement. It’s really simple, doesn’t take a lot of effort, but works wonders. See for yourself.

Oreo Fill-in-the-Blank Post

Also questions and surveys work great. Your fans love to have a voice and get heard. Just remember to keep it simple and entertaining.

Oreo Question Post


Testimonials are very effective and powerful, since they inspire and bolster confidence in your brand. Nevertheless try to be different and noteworthy. So don’t just post a couple of lines on how great your brand is, but take videos at an event you organized, spice things up with an amazing picture or use other media to sex it up.

This is how Social Media Examiner put it into practice:


Want to reach a bigger audience than your own Facebook fans? Add tags to your posts above all when you working with other companies, since the possibility of their sharing your posts is much higher that way. Go ahead and multiply your audience big time.

What else can you tag? Attending a conference or another event relevant to your fans? Tag it. Sharing articles of another company? Tag it. Worked with a client on a special project? Tag it. Not only does the brand or person you tag profit from it, but—since one good turn deserves another and you were the one who put the spotlight on them—you might too.

Don’t forget about hashtags though. Use them for marketing campaigns and to raise awareness. They also help you to break down your posts thematically. Don´t overdo it though. Too many hashtags can be confusing and make a ludicrous impression.

This is how Domino´s Pizza did it:
Domino's Tagging Post



Apart from these top 10 Facebook marketing tips, you should bear in mind to post frequently and consistently, as in all of your platforms you share your content. You don´t have to hold back on feeding your Facebook page as only 16 percent of your fans see one post. Nevertheless stick to posting content of quality and don’t favor quantity.


Use Facebook Insights and measure which kind of posts are the most popular and successful. It helps you to adapt your Facebook Marketing Strategy in order to make it more efficient. It also offers a demographic breakdown of your audience and thereby helps you to get to know your fans better in order to give them what they want.


Since more and more businesses are posting sales-driven content, Facebook has changed its algorithm to improve the user experience. Focus on valuable content your fans can benefit from, share successful blog posts that prove your expertise in your branch and always keep your target audience in mind.


Show your Facebook fans you care about them and answer their comments and posts. Stick to the tone of your corporate story, but don´t hesitate to add a personal touch. People like to get to know the persons behind the brand a little.


100-250 characters is said to be the perfect length of a post to best engage your fans. Nevertheless you shouldn’t become too set on this number.

Take a shot at it and rock the Facebook world.

What aspects does your Facebook marketing strategy include? Do you have tips to add to this list? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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