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We are the digital marketing and advertising agency. We craft specially tailored websites that communicate not only a clear message but also wonderful emotions. We design your target group´s reaction to your visual identity. Gain an edge over your competitors!


We are freedom lovers. We have traveled the world and taken risks. That has made us clever entrepreneurs that tap their full potential and help you reach your goals.


Gradiweb believes in respecting different opinions, ideologies and convictions. Respect is a basic requirement, not only to work with Gradiweb but also to make the world a place that rocks.


We choose to work with the best professionals only. Every one of our team is a top-caliber talent. Talent, skills, love and progress ensure a smile on your client’s face.


2 continents. 4 countries. 5 languages. Diversity is normality to us. We are a multicultural and multilingual team and benefit from our diversity, since our individual competences and talents are complementary.


What is state-of-the-art today can be water under the bridge tomorrow. To stay in the loop, predict developments and invent the digital future, we are in a constant process of education.

Digital Strategy


Developing your tailored digital strategy means building the foundation of all of your projects and finding the best way to overcome your brand´s challenges. Why Consulting? Developing your strategy requires a very precise and detailed understanding of what your company is and wants to be. Once you tell us what, we tell you how. Find your path to success.

Digital Strategy

  • Investigation and Analysis
    • Brand Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Target Group Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • User Experience Analysis
    • Investigation: State-of-the-art Technology
  • Strategies to reach your goals
    • Branding Strategy
    • Business Model
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Communication Strategy
    • Community Management Strategy
    • Content Creation


The design connects you to your customers and makes up a great part of your value of brand recognition. If it captures your customers’ attention, they stay. If not: there goes the client. Therefore, design is a vital key in driving your company towards its goals. We want your design to tell a fascinating story that engages your customers.


  • Web Design
    • Websites/Interface Design
    • Personalized Applications
    • Responsive Web Design: Web Development
    • CMS Templates Design
    • Advertising Campaigns
  • Print

    We create everything that is part of corporate identity and branding. Tell us what you have in mind and we will make sure we exceed your expectations.

Web development

We create websites tailored to your company and your customers’ needs. Beautiful, fast, easy to use and convincing. That´s the name of our game. Whether your users access your page via computer, notebook, smart phone or tablet: We meet and exceed their expectations. With our eCommerce features we send your sales through the roof.

Web development

  • Tailored Websites
    • Blogs
    • Portfolios
    • Corporate Pages
    • Special Apps
    • Hosting
    • Multilingual Pages
    • Content Creation and Curation
  • Technologies
    • Prestashop
    • Wordpress
    • Joomla
    • OS-Commerce
  • Languages
    • php
    • J-Query
    • xml
    • html
    • css

Inbound Marketing

Why would you have an exceptional corporate identity, if people never got to see it? ... Right! That´s why our marketing strategies make sure that people know about your brand, remember and recommend it. Interact with your clients, keep them updated about new products and services. Create content they find useful. Gain their trust with Gradiweb.

Inbound Marketing

    • Consulting
    • Social Media Management
    • Multichannel Marketing
    • SEO
    • Lifecycle Marketing
    • Blog Creation
    • Entire Digital Communication
    • Videos
    • Graphic Design
    • eNewsletters
    • White Papers
    • Publishing Tools
    • Analytics Tools
    • Marketing Campaigns


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